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All-New for 2017

Specs and
Blue Books for Construction Equipment

Over 2,000 Pages of Prices, Values & Specs

Caterpillar • Case • Bobcat • Deere • IHC • Komatsu • Dresser • Ingersoll Rand • Hough • Champion • Linkbelt • Michigan • Grove • Blaw–Knox • Mitsubishi and many others

Consumers Price Guide and Construction Equipment Appraisers are pleased to offer our latest line of publications…Known and depended on throughout the world for over a quarter century!

It's a fact: CPG and CEA's Price and Serial Number Guides are the most complete, accurate product information resources for construction equipment and heavy machinery on the market today.

Our Revised and
Expanded 27th Edition:

Serial Number Guide for Caterpillar Machinery

The world-famous Little Yellow Book for over a quarter–century! Our industry–standard Serial Number Guide to Caterpillar products.  More information


2018 Editions Coming Soon!

Consumers Price Guide—Construction Equipment

Our best-selling book—over 1,000 pages! Includes thousands of models of construction equipment and machinery from most major manufacturers.

Consumers Price Guide—Caterpillar only

Over 475 pages of CAT-only prices, features and specs.

Consumers Price Guide—Trucks & Trailers

A hardworking resource with over 750 pages of valuable product information for trucks and trailers from nearly 60 manufacturers!